Sunday, July 5, 2009

More crochet and other things

I finally finished this project last week. The hexagon afghan for my new little nephew, Coen, coming next month.

I loved every minute of it, but geez, what a tedious project! I haven't yet decided if I'll ever do another. I think really bright colors would be fun.

Needing something a little lighter, I decided to whip up some baby beanies for Project 3 on the Craft Hope blog.
I love that they are so quick to finish, and that I'm able to use up some of my growing yarn stash.

Today I started another fun project for the 'Pay it Forward' challenge I volunteered for back in February.

I'll let you in on what they are and how they turned out after the recipients receive them. By the way, I only had two people join in, I'd still be willing to add another if anyone is interested...

Claire finished her first round of swim lessons last Friday. I'm so proud of her. She listened to her teacher very well, tried everything including the water slide and jumping off the diving board. She's not quite ready to move up to the next class since she's so young, but I'm excited to see that she loves the water and does so well in it.


Andrea said...

Yea! Yea! Yea!

For a blog post!! For fun projects ... I LOVE the blanket (that would be hard to give up, thankfully it's staying "in the family"), I love the "Craft Hope" idea and I'm glad you're doing that.

Yea for Claire and swimming! We can't wait to swim with you again (if your parents are still talking to me :( ).

Happy Sunday! Hope it was quieter and more restful than yesterday ;).

Amanda said...

We've got to get together soon! It's nice to hear from you in blog land. Sounds like you've been busy.
Loved the last post too! ;o)