Saturday, July 25, 2009

Projects and a Big Belly

I finally finished my 'Pay It Forward' projects.

I've been wanting to make this hat for a long time, and just happened to have this skein of cotton in my stash. I really like it, I'm going to have to make one for myself this fall. (Thanks for the button, Andrea, I can't believe how perfect it turned out!)

And this cute little bag was just so easy to make. I'm loving granny squares right now.

I wanted to get these projects done before our ultrasound next month. As soon as I find out what we're having I'd love to get started on this blanket.

It's called the wooleater and I've been wanting to make one for quite awhile now.

Isn't this belly the perfect excuse? Is this how big you're supposed to look at 15 weeks? I'm feeling enormous already, what's 5 more months going to be like?!?

This is the yummy orange I picked out to make this scarf for my dear friend.

Hers will be a bit skinnier, but I think the orange will make for much more fun.


Andrea said...

Oh what a lucky girl I am to have you as a friend (for oh so many reasons) ... I'm glad we can share our creative talent (although you are not nearly as demanding as me!!).

LOVE all of your projects and I think that blanket would be great in aqua/orange ... seriously, the goldfish fabric came and it is SO sweet. I'm going to have to order more and hopefully get to use it to make something for a little someone. :)

Happy Sunday!

Amanda said...

You sound like a nesting mommy, getting everything done and ready before the baby.
You also sound so happy in your posts, it just makes me smile.
Can't wait to find out what you're having!