Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Busy with the little things

I think I've been doing pretty well with the transition from one to two kiddos. But I've now entered the homebound stage of Sam's infancy. 4+ hours of naps, 3 meals and 4 bottles doesn't leave a lot of time to leave the house, and just barely enough to get my weekly and daily chores done with a smidgen of play time thrown in. I'm LOVING that we are out of the newborn phase. It's not that I don't love cuddling a sweet, precious newborn, but I am happy to be done with sleepless nights, sore boobies and not showering till noon.

(Sam & Coen)

*is rolling over like crazy now (diaper changes are a challenge to say the least).

*can sit on his own for about 5 minutes when he's in the mood for it.

(When the Mum-Mum is gone)
(Peace is restored with a new Mum-Mum)

*ADORES eating (yogurt, bananas, avacados, apples, pears, plums, nectarines, peaches, peas, green beans, sweet potatoes, squash, carrots and rice/oat/barley/spelt cereals), especially his Mum-Mums!

*should have a tooth soon. He chews and drools like some kind of monster.

*squeals when he's tickled.

*has definitely formed an attachment to his blankies.

*puts everything within reach into his mouth including his entire fist and his toes.

*just about loves his sister more than his mommy.


(Elijah and Claire)

*has become increasingly creative. She recently drew her first picture of our family, cut out fish to represent each of us and can't get enough glitter and shimmer paints on her projects.

*always has some kind of pet bug (moths, beetles, roly-polys) and is learning the harsh reality of death as her friends succumb to life (or rather, the lack of) in a glass jar.

*shows me just how high she can jump about 50 times a day.

*is really enjoying swim lessons and does everything the teacher asks.

*loves Sam like crazy and makes me smile every time she calls him "little one".

*has taken to calling me "mama" and I love it.

*picks flowers for me every single day.

*work, work, work, works! I love/hate it. I love that he works so hard to provide for us, but I can't say I love being a summer widow. We're lucky to get about an hour at most with him each day.

*is still grain-free (except for the Friday night cheat meal). Not to say they don't occasional slip past my lips, but I'm doing pretty good.

(Grain-Free Granola/Soaking Pepitas and Sunflower Seeds/ Sourdough Starter Day 2)

*is attempting my first sourdough starter. I plan on trying to re-introduce some grains into my diet but will start with only soaked or sourdough as they are much easier on the digestive system, more nutritious, and YUMMY. I've been learning more from Nourishing Traditions and attempting to implement more of her food preparation methods. I've tried soaking nuts to try this tasty grain-free granola. (Added some ground flax and cinnamon and it is to die for)

*will be starting P90X! Well, I was able to borrow the discs from David & Summer and did them for two weeks to find out if I really liked the workouts. I do. They're not easy, but effective (lost a couple of inches of my waist), so I decided to bite the bullet and buy the set including the guides (found it used/new on Amazon).

(Solomon sporting one of his bald spots)
*is finally on the road to getting Solomon better. After several doctor and specialist visits and a skin biopsy we've discovered that he has an auto-immune disease of the skin. His immune system has been attacking his skin. He's been scabby and balding and miserable. After a week of high-d0se steroids, a 45 minute grooming session and a bath I think he's finally on the mend.

Looking forward to a relaxing weekend, and hopefully some time with my lovely niece.