Friday, June 18, 2010

Diapers, Dishes & Dirty Laundry

It's hard, at the end of each day, to recall anything I've done that doesn't involve childcare or housekeeping. It is my job, and I do love it, but it's nice to have days I can say I did something outside the realm of stay at home mommy. So I'll bore you with a little of the day to day with a splash of something fun (at least, what I think is fun).

Here's the Apple Cozy I made for Mrs. Dockweiler. Didn't it turn out so cute? It was a fun little "less than an hour" project that was perfect for an end of the school year gift.

You can add this to my "Why I wish the cat would just run away" list. We've had several (hopefully just drug-induced) accidents around the house lately. One involved the bean bag chairs. Chasing light as a feather, static crazy, minute pieces of foam around the house for two hours is not how I enjoy spending my evening.

HOLY COW... this girl is growing up way too fast.

Claire got to spend the night with my mom a few weeks ago. She just couldn't wait for grandma to come pick her up.

Watching a movie before bed-time.

Finally got a chance to plant my pots. I think these are my favorite find. They stay closed until the sun shines on them.

Claire checks her tomatoes every day to see if they're ready to eat.

Claire got to go on her fist camping trip! Jeff, Sam and I went to Spokane to see my niece, Kirsten, graduate. (Congratulations, Kirsten!) We didn't think Claire would enjoy it, so my parents agreed to take her camping instead. She had SO MUCH fun.

I made a batch of orange marmalade for my dad as a Father's Day gift. He loves it, so I figured I'd try making some with agave and raw sugar. I'm still not sure how well it will set up, but it tastes delicious. It turned out a really pretty amber color since I used raw agave and raw sugar.

I've been sneaking in crochet here and there (I rarely get more than a few minutes at a time during the day) and just happened to be working up this hexagon when I noticed that it matched my apron. Just thought it was cute.

Here are the colors I picked out for my niece's afghan. It won't be done it time for her birthday, but I think she's excited about it nonetheless. I'm really excited to try out Lucy's Granny Stripe Pattern.

HOLY COW... this boy is growing up way to fast.

And I can't get the photo to import, but I've been making baby food all week. I've made apples, pears, peaches, sweet potatoes and peas. Green beans and squash are next on my list. So far Sam's not a huge fan of bananas or avacados, but overall he's a really good eater and I just love this age and love trying out new foods.

Enjoy the domestic.