Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Very Full Week

Watched Kristian while Summer went to Roaring Springs with all the rest of her boys. He was so good and so much fun, and I couldn't resist snapping a couple photos of him cause he's just so cute.
Claire has some sharing issues to deal with...

Went to the Fair with Andrea and Ethan. We didn't plan very well and showed up about an hour before the gates opened so we made a quick trip to Starbucks (yeah for green tea!), and took the kids to a park to burn off a little energy before heading back to the fair. It was a quick, hot, sticky afternoon, but oh-so-fun!
Jeff had BBQ on the brain all day and decided that we should give Famous Dave's a try. I was impressed, I had a BBQ chicken salad that was great, and Jeff really enjoyed the Texas Brisket.

Went to lunch at my mom's house. She shouldn't be out and about too often, so my grandparents, Claire and I met at her house for some yummy Whitewater sandwiches.

Playdate at the park with so many of my favorite people. Amanda, Andrea, Andrea, Kelly, Summer and all the kids.
After a "no-nap" we went to Monkey Dooz and got Claire's hair cut. I did opt for bangs and an A-line cut. It's pretty cute, but it still gets in her face. She was pretty excited to sit in the Barbie car, eat a watermelon Tootsie Pop, and have her hair sprayed with sparkles.
Here's a preview of her "before" hair... on a bad day...

Fuddruckers for dinner. We ate out A LOT this week, but I'm proud to say that my cheeseburger was my only "cheat" meal.

Great BobyPump workout! Hanging out at home for the morning. Back to the fair and met my parents. Claire had a great time (again).

Checking out the bunnies

Um, he's just cute...


This is almost better than the carnival

Papa's Hat

Feeding the Sheep

Feeding the Goat

Can I ride, please?

Papa gives in

So does mommy
Some cotton candy to ease the pain of leaving the carnival

One tired girl

Lunch at Blue Sky Bagel making plans for an upcoming sewing-bee. Shopping at Best Buy so that we could set up Jeff's new toy. I was a little skeptical at first, but after thoroughly checking it out I'm pretty excited about it. And dinner at Cheesecake Factory (I told you we ate out a lot this week, but I did have a GC for this meal).

Watched Elijah the whole day. Watched Ethan in the morning. Watched my little punk (she was SO much better once Ethan got hear). Did the laundry. Had a quick little lunch date with Andrea. My parents came over for dinner and surprised Claire with her new favorite toy.

Cleaned the house. Worked out while Claire napped. Looking forward to a shower. Looking forward to BUNKO (I think the ladies will appreciate the shower). Really looking forward to a few slow days!


Andrea said...

I L.O.V.E Claire's haircut!! She looks like a little doll! So cute. And the bangs, I love them. They look great on her.

Here's hoping your hectic week slows down a bit...

Kelly said...

Wow you've been a busy girl. Glad I got to be a little part of it - although I do have to make one teeny correction. We didn't have ALL the kids at our park playdate. Garrett & Kylee were at school. :(

Claire's hair is so cute! I love the bangs. And I love all the pictures.

summer said...

HOLY SMOKES you've been busy and yes you did eat out a lot!!!!! ; )
Claire's hair is adorable and thanks for the kuddos and picture of Kristian. Loved seeing you more this week and looking forward to the sewing bee.

Erin said...

Hi Bethany! I thought I'd stop by your blog to thank you for the fabulous happy mail box I received. So so so fun! Love all the red stuff, especially the adorable bag! Thank you so much!

Amanda said...

What an aborable haircut! So cute on little Claire!!