Monday, August 11, 2008

Nice Little Weekend

What a nice little weekend. Even though Jeff had to work, it turned out pleasant.

*HOT! But had a nice dip in the pool with Megan and Elijah.

*Managed to avoid these menacing, but beautiful, clouds on the way home.

*Had my "cheat" meal at Applebee's. I love the Oriental Chicken Roll-Up. And topped the evening off with a long overdue margarita. YUM!


*Vowed not drink margarita's just before bedtime ever again. I had a terrible time getting to sleep.

*Still managed to drag my butt to the gym and thoroughly enjoyed my Body Pump class.

*Did a little shopping during Claire's nap and found the perfect new "house shoes" since my fuzzy pink slippers are a little worn.

*I also got some cute shoes for Claire for fall and a couple items for Happy Mail Swap.

*Enjoyed my overgrown but oh-so-delicious garden.

*Spent far to many hours on my Happy Mail Swap project. Here's a sneak peek.


*More hours on the project.

*Visited Grandma and Grandpa Hendrix. We checked the progress on our Halloween pumpkins. They're so round and big already. I almost can't wait for fall!

*Claire came down with a cold. I had to spend a bit of time rocking and cuddling her just before I went to bed and again at about 3:30 in the morning. Since it's been nearly two years since I've had to get up with her in the middle of the night I actually enjoyed the extra cuddles.

Here's to a nice week to follow!


summer said...

Loved the cloud picture, our garden has been attacked by snails though i'm trying to save it. love the picture of fresh veggies.
Sounds like you're doing great at eating healthy and working out especially if the apple bee's wrap is your cheat.
your sneak peak didnt come through so now i'm curious. did you get your person already. i have not i'm wondering if she has my info????
we've got a summer cold here too no fun :(

Andrea said...

Oh goodness ... totally jealous about those slippers ... so fun!!

And Elijah is so sweet ... what big bright eyes!!

I'm glad you had a good weekend. Maybe if Jeff is working again this weekend we could get together. Or maybe have a girls night after the kids are in bed ... involving Applebee's dessert ... YUM!!

Kelly said...

Great pictures!
If you ever feel like you need extra cuddles in the middle of the night, come over while Graham's teething. I think he's been awake more than asleep the last couple nights. :)
I'm anxious to see what your mail swap person gets!

Andrea said...

Oh crap, you are still going to that body pump class?! I feel like a fat, lazy slob now :) Actually I just got done working out at home. Sweat is dripping off my neck as I type. Just what you wanted to know huh?! I find it much more convient to workout here for now. Better than nothing, right?

Your happy mail swap partner is going to be spoiled. I didn't join in but I can't wait to see what everyone gets.

Hope Claire is feeling better!