Thursday, August 7, 2008

Homemade Laundry Detergent

The homemade hair care may not have been a total success, but I am still in love with all my homemade cleaners, and this last endeavor has been success so far as well. I made laundry detergent last week and so far I really like it. It was cheap and easy and seems to clean just as well as anything else I've ever used.

Homemade Laundry Detergent:

1 Bar of Fels-Naptha, grated

1 Cup of Washing Soda
1 Cup of Borax
Mix together. That's it.

Just use 1-2 TBSP per load of laundry. So far I've only used about one and been happy with the results.
And in place of fabric softener just use 1/4 Cup of White Vinegar. I washed all of our bedding yesterday and it came out just as fresh smelling and soft as ever. If you'd like a bit of smellies you can just add a few drops of essential oils to the vinegar. And if you have sensitive skin this should be fine, but if your hesitant you could use pure castille soap instead of the Fels-Naptha.

If you decide to try it let me know.


Kelly said...

I'm really thinking about trying this. The last couple times I've needed detergent I've picked up the free & clear stuff from Costco. But after using almost two big things of it I don't think I like it. I may take you up on borrowing a couple TBSP to see if it'll work with Carson's skin.

Andrea said...

Look at you go green! Not sure if I could try this one. I l.o.v.e the smell of Tide (or Kirkland brand in my case) and Downy. Maybe if Kelly does it I will try a load with her.

summer said...

Wow, you inspire me, thanks for the tips. I just might try this. did you get your squirt bottles at any particular place?
loved seeing you at the zoo and love your new blog!