Monday, August 18, 2008

Elijah and the Hat

Today was my first Monday watching Elijah. I was a little nervous about watching a baby all day and keeping up with Claire, but we had a great day. He was about as perfect as a baby can be and Claire was about as perfect as a toddler can possibly be (only a few fits).
Andrea recently requested a hat for Ethan. This is the one she wanted.

And this was what I was able to come up with.

I didn't have an exact pattern so I had to make it up a bit. And of course, seeing how well it fits Elijah, I obviously didn't quit make the size I was aiming for. I did follow part of a pattern that suggested this size for a 5 year old. Apparently my stitches are a tad tighter than average. Oh well, after a fitting this week I'll make a new one up for Ethan and I'll try to post a picture of the finished product for you.


Andrea said...

Oh my goodness!!! That is SO sweet and you're right, it looks just like the one I sent you ... you're a crochet rockstar!!

I can't wait to see one on Ethan ... I might just have to commission you for another ;).

And Elijah looks all boy in it, I bet Megan will love it too!!

Thanks so much for entertaining my ideas and being so quick ... you put me to shame!

Andrea said...

Wow! You did a wonderful job duplicating that, especially without a pattern! I'm impressed. What a cute little nephew you have :)

Kelly said...

That's so cute! I just ordered a hat like that for Carson from Alicia the week before last.
I'm glad to hear your mom & your cousin are doing okay.

summer said...

too cute! (the hat & yyour nephew).
Thanks again for watching Kristian, what a blessing!