Thursday, October 30, 2008

More Homemade Goodness

Where do I start?

Let me say this. I don't know what has happened to me in the last few months, but I seem to have developed this unquenchable thirst for knowledge, specifically about how I can create a more healthy/frugal lifestyle. I think part of my computer burnout has come about because there is SO MUCH information to be had. Whatever pops into my head, I can search out an answer. I feel so blessed that we live in a place and time where all this information is sitting in a little white box in my kitchen (I'm about to wear out that cute little Mac). So, besides wearing out the computer, here's what I've been making:

*Deodorant - My first attempt was this recipe. Although is seemed that all was well, and I'm sure it works, I couldn't stand the smell. No matter how much essential oil I added I just couldn't mask the overwhelming cocoa butter and shea butter smells. And though I happen to like the smells, they nauseate me... especially when wafting from my armpits. So I resumed use of my Tom's of Maine Apricot until I came across this recipe. I added lemon essential oils. It has a light lemon scent and works so well! I've been very happy with the results.

*Bath salts - Pretty simple. Just epsom salts, baking soda and lavender essential oils.

*Shaving cream - Nothing too crazy here either, I've just been using straight coconut oil. I've always had a problem with razor burn, and this has given me the least irritation. I'm hoping with consistent use I'll be free from it.

*Lotion - Again, just plain old coconut oil, except I added lemon, sweet orange and lavender essential oils. Yum! Oh, and I use this as lip and face moisturizer as well. I know it sounds crazy to use it on your face, especially considering I have oily skin, but my face is the least oily it has ever been since the onset of puberty.

*Personal lubricant - OK, I haven't been brave enough for this one yet, and it would be too much information for you to know just how well it works for me, but apparently it works well.

*Toothpaste - I was pretty hesitant to try this, but I've been pleased with the results. It doesn't taste like you average toothpaste, but with the addition of a little strawberry extract, even Claire likes it. She's actually the reason I considered this. She's insistent on eating her toothpaste and I didn't like the idea of her ingesting 200 ingredients I can't pronounce. I suppose she could eat the whole container of this and it wouldn't hurt her.

*Dishwasher soap - I first tried this recipe. No good, it didn't clean all that well and left a white film on everything. However, it does make a great sink/toilet scrubber. Then this recipe. It cleaned well, but again, left a white film on everything. I could remove the film with an extra rinse and white vinegar, but I'm too lazy for that. I'm thinking that these recipes would probably work better if our water wasn't so hard. I'll give Seventh Generation a try when I finish up what I've got.

*Bread - I found this great step by step recipe for making bread. My first loaf turned out fantastic. Last Sunday I did a double batch and added flax seed, buttermilk and egg. Even better. (And 20 minutes of kneading is quite a work out!). Next I'll try soaking my flour. It's a new method that I've recently been reading about and am excited to try. I'm also going to give it a try along with homemade tortillas this weekend.

*Doughnuts - I came across this healthier version and mad them last night while Jeff and Claire carved pumpkins. I still need to get tweak the oil temperature and cooking times, but they were pretty darn good.

*ACV tea - I've been drinking this first thing in the morning and 1 or 2 more time throughout the day. A bit tart at first, but I'm beginning to love it and crave it. It seems to be suppressing my appetite a bit as well.
2 tsp honey (I just bought the orange honey in bulk at WinCo - yummy)
8 oz filtered water (I use warm water)

*Kefir smoothies - I've been tempted to try kefir for a long time and finally decided just to give it a try. I didn't care for the taste, a bit too sour for me. However, blended with a banana and blueberries it was delicious. The health benefits make me want to add it to my daily diet. It's a bit pricey, so I might just brave buying a kit and making it myself. We'll see...

Oh, and about the Dish Network debate... we canceled our service. We haven't even installed our antenna yet, so we've been TV free for about a week. Honestly, I'm not really noticing, probably because I've been busy homemaking.


Erin said...

I sometimes hop to your blog from Jessie or Andrea's. Thanks for all the links. I'll have to look into this homemade bath and beauty products. I use all natural organic, paraben free stuff and it gets pricey. I've been drinking apple cider vinegar with water for about a month and a half now...helps with my acid reflux.

Kelly said...

Bethany you're going to be on a farm in rural Oklahoma before long! :)
I'm impressed with all the things you're trying and honestly if I had the time I would like to try some of them but with all these kids I just can't right now. Maybe that should be my New Year's resolution. :)