Thursday, October 2, 2008

Disney World

Here are some pics from the trip. We had SO MUCH FUN! We can't wait to go again in a few years with Claire. Although we missed her, I'm not sure she would have enjoyed it nearly as much as she will in a few years.

Tuesday: Got there in time for a quick dinner, hanging out at the resort, and a quick trip to Downtown Disney and Pleasure Island. We stayed at the Polynesian Resort. It was so nice and easy to get to everything since the monorail made a stop there.

Wednesday: We thought it only proper to start the week off in Magic Kingdom. I loved every bit of it! I really thought that it might be a little too juvenile for my liking, but I loved being a kid again. We picked the perfect time of year and never had to wait more than 10 minutes for any of the rides.

Thursday: EPCOT! There was so much to do and learn, it was like an ENORMOUS museum of sorts. I preferred World Showcase to Future World. I loved to see the countries. When you would go to a country, everyone that worked there was actually from that country. Throughout the week we had great, authentic meals in Germany, Mexico and China. I even had my first taste of duck!

Friday: We visited Animal Kingdom. It was so fun. It was seperated into different parts of the world and the did such a great job making it feel as if you were really in different countries. The Kilimanjaro Safaris were my favorite, though it was a bit strange just driving right up to the animals with no fences between us, especially the lions.

Saturday: We spent most of the day at Typhoon Lagoon. That is hands down the coolest water park I've ever seen! Even though it gave me tremendous anxiety (I had a not so fun experience with waves in Mexico), my favorite part ended up being the Surf Pool.

Sunday: Oh so tired, but one more park to go, we toured Hollywood Studios.  It only took about half of the day.  We planned to head over to Blizzard Beach for the rest of the day, but found out at the bus stop that it was closed for the day, so we headed back to Typhoon Lagoon for a few more hours of fun.

Monday: Traveling ALL DAY, but home just in time to snuggle with Claire before she went to sleep.


Kelly said...

Thanks for sharing! I really want to go right now! I'm glad you guys were able to go and have a great time, just the two of you.

I commented on your pictures in the album. :) Your caption on the one of Jeff made me laugh out loud.

Andrea said...

This makes me want to re-live our honeymoon! We went to Disneyland, Sea World and Universal Studios. Can't wait to go back with the kids in a few years.

Amanda said...

Wow, it sounds like a great trip! I can't wait to go with the girls. Glad you guys got away and Happy way Belated Birthday!

summer said...

So fun glad you had a great time. They make it hard not to. We can't wait to take our kids some day too!

Andrea said...

Is it just me???? All I see in the above post is a picture of jam. Do you ever have the problem of not seeing an entire post because it happens to me all the time on your blog. Just wondering :o)