Monday, March 30, 2009

How would you like an update?

First of all, this little girl turned three!

I can hardly believe that it's been three years since she came into our lives. What a crazy few years. So full of blessings beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Though she has grown so much, in so many ways she is the same as the moment we first met her.

Proudly showing off her new boots birthday morning:
LOVING her new dress up clothes:

Fun with Chuck:
The cake balls that resulted from deformed Hello Kitty:
The best start to strawberry cake:
An embarrassed but "totally loving the spotlight" birthday girl:
On to other news. I am excited to announce that this little man is going to be a big brother. A big brother to a little brother, that is. Could the next little Hendrix possibly be this cute?

Now, I'm excited about this project for the little one. At one time, I started a hexagon afghan for myself, but along the way, discovered an error I was making. I got discouraged and quit. But as soon as I found out what Ben & Megan were having I ran out and picked up these totally boy colors:

And accomplished this on Saturday and Sunday:
A little more than one row, 13 hexagons completed and connected. 8 rows, 90 more hexagons to go...


Andrea said...

Yea!! A new post!! Full of some very fun pictures.

And another nephew, how fun? Claire will sure know what to do if a little brother enters her life ... that might be better than a little sister, that could be very interesting!! ;). We're sorry we missed out on the birthday festivities but are looking forward to a day of celebrating (I say we have more cake) really soon!

Kelly said...

I second the idea for more cake since we too missed celebrating with Claire! Thanks for sharing all the pictures! How is she THREE already?

That afghan (sp?) or blanket or whatever you call it when it's crocheted, is going to be so pretty! I can't to see the whole thing!

summer said...

Claire is so big! I clearly don't see her enough! Thanks for making a new post... always fun to catch up!

Kimberly said...

Happy (way) belated birthday to Claire! I love her new boots!

Stac said...

Claire is so cute! It was great to see you at Target the other day. I think only great things happen at Target. Love that store. :o) Please stay in touch.


Amanda said...

Oh little girls in dress up, too cute! I remember Abigail use to live in her cinderella dress.