Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Feeling lazy

I've been feeling lazy today, so I decided to make a quick list of the past few days to remind myself that even if I've had time for a nap and extensive blog reading I've still managed to accomplish a few things (even if that doesn't include cleaning the house).

*Got up and worked out (this should count as two, getting up to work out on Saturdays is hard)
*Crocheted most of Jessie's bag
*Quick trip to WalMart (not a good idea on a Saturday)

*Cleaned up the sewing machine and learned how to do all the basics on it.
*Baked a Sweet Potato Pecan Pie - YUMMY!

*Early workout
*Eye doctor appointment
*Lunch with my mom
*Made a few appointments
*Went to Home Depot, purchased and replaced the kitchen sprayer with this bad boy ALL BY MYSELF (who needs a man?)

*Went out to dinner at Famous Dave's to share Jeff's big news with his parents (I'll post it for you when it's officially released)

*Another early workout
*Winco and Costco shopping
*Picnic in the back yard with Claire

*Enjoying these last days of summer!


Princess Jessie Pants said...

Goodness! That seems anything BUT lazy to me! I won't even tell you what I haven't been doing lately - I'm a lazy dazy. :)

Look at how big Claire is getting!! She's so cute. Loved your backyard picnic.

I'm excited to hear Jeff's big news - do share when you can!!

Kelly said...

Um, how is that lazy?
That pie looks good.
Your picnic pictures were cute!
Good job on the sprayer thing.
I'm glad you got a sewing machine.

I hope you can share the big news soon because that's mean to tease us like that!

Andrea said...

Seriously, if that is your version of lazy, well I've got a thing or two to teach you (oh wait, I'll let Jessie do that :P).

Good job on the new sprayer ... you go with your bad self!!

And the pie, well it looks delicious, but I'm not sure about sweet potato?!? Hmmm ...

Could Claire be any cuter eating her cherry tomatoes at her picnic?!? Love it! And we love picnic at our house too ... inside ones are very fun in the winter!

Andrea said...

If this is lazy, I don't even want to share what a lazy day of mine looks like! You started out at the gym most of those days...that is not lazy!

Love the picnic pictures!

summer said...

Is that all, I mean really at least you could have cleaned the house a little ;o) Just trying to be funny, I'll take your lazy bum and put you to work over here!!!
See you saturday ;o)