Sunday, May 23, 2010


Look who learned to roll over this week! It only took a few days before he discovered how much mommy loves it when he rolls over during diaper changes, and that side sleeping means waking up in pain from a sleepy arm. You can also see how well his arms are healing up (they look even better now).

Sam also likes to fall asleep in mid-play.

Loving my daily green juice.

Somehow it's easier to eat your veggies when you prepare them ahead of time and keep them in cute little jelly jars. These are my scrambled egg veggies: broccoli, red pepper, zucchini and shallots.

Say hello to these lovelies. I was inspired by this delicious colour palette. I'm really in love with vintage colors right now. I've got a long list of crochet projects I'd love to make for other people, but I've been craving an afghan for myself. I had such a hard time giving away Coen's Blanket

I knew I needed to make a hexagon afghan for myself. I'm constantly thinking of how I can steal

Claire's Rainbow Blanket without breaking her heart, this should solve my dilema.

Here's a sneak peek.

Have a great week!


Andrea said...

You're blog posts are making me very happy ... even if once a week or once a month, I hope you do it. If nothing else, for some type of 'scrapbook' for your little world :).

I do love the idea of the pre-cut veggies ... don't love the green juice ... love Sam sleeping on the play mat ... don't love him rolling :( :( ... that means he's getting bigger. Love that you're making a quilt for you ... LOVE the white, just like the white on my quilts, such a good way to show off the colors!

Princess Jessie Pants said...

Rolling over already??? Stop it Sam, it's just too fast! :) My goodness he's sweet. Love that pic of him asleep on his mat. LOVE your quilt & Claire's!! So pretty - you're very talented my friend.

Pre-cut veggies is a great idea, & I'm with Andrea, no thanks on the green juice. :)

So happy to see your blog. Take care my friend!!