Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Not that I blog much anyway

But I've been considering a break of sorts. Well, from the computer. I know, I do this often, but every few months or so I begin to feel a little guilty about all the time this cute little box eats up. While sitting at church this weekend Pastor Bob just made an offhand comment about all the time most of us spend watching TV. TV isn't too much of a problem for me, I barely watch a few hours a week, but this computer is another story. So then I got to thinking how I could/should scale back. (Why was God talking to me and distracting me from His own message at church? Isn't it funny how he does that sometimes?) You know how there are always people who say, "God told me to do _______." It's hard for me, because not very often do I hear God speaking so plainly to me. I don't get the specifics about my life straight from His mouth all too often. But for some reason, this Sunday, I did. He said, "Why don't you fast from the computer during the week and catch up on e-mails on Saturday?" Whoa!! You mean, go ALL week without knowing everybody's FB status? Go ALL week without knowing if there is a sale at Old Navy? Go ALL week without seeing the latest pictures and stories about my girlfriends kids and latest endeavors? When I put it that way, I suppose I'd survive :) You know, it was only 10 years ago Jeff and I didn't have the internet, e-mail or even cell phones. I should be able to reach back in my brain and remember how I survived life. So, that's the goal this week. Of course, if I need to look up a quick recipe or Jeff's latest flight itinerary I'm not going to beat myself up for hopping on the net for a few minutes. Honestly, I'm looking forward to all the time this will free up. So, if you need anything urgent, give me a call. Otherwise, I'll be checking in on you all this weekend...


Kelly said...

I took a 24 hour break yesterday and got so much done. Now look at me wasting time today. :) Although I'm not just mindlessly searching. I'm planning a 2nd birthday party, emailing teachers, etc. so I feel good about it. But after all I got done yesterday I'm determined to really limit my time on here each day!

Andrea said...

Good for you ... listening to those "nudges" we so often ignore.
I know I spend more time that I need to on here, but I do have a pretty good system down, one that I re-evaluate often and make sure that it is not consuming me.
I couldn't go a week without e-mail, but I do not need to check it every 20 minutes, LOL.
Enjoy the break!!
Oh and I LOVE the new pattern for the scarf ... that color is scrumptious, I may need a new jacket to match the scarf ;).

Amanda said...

That's a great idea! I'm going to do it ... next week. No really, I am. It would be so good for me and the family.