Monday, December 8, 2008

Why can't I be consistent?

This blogging thing has me stressed again! It's silly, I know. I feel guilty when my few readers don't have a new post, then I feel stupid, because it's nothing to feel guilty about. Then I think of about 50 things I should blog about and 200 pictures I should upload and that just makes me feel like I'll never be caught up and I might as well give up. It's all just a silly, weird mess in my mind. And to top it off, I'm still experiencing a serious dislike for the computer right now. Every time I walk by it I know there are WAY to many blog post waiting to be read, e-mails to sort through and entries in facebook to catch up on. It's like that cute little white box sitting on my kitchen counter is taunting me, "You know you want to sit down and waste half your day mindlessly browsing and networking. You know you want to. Just sit down... click for awhile..." I don't want to lose the easy access to communicating with friends and the wealth of information at my fingertips, but some days I really want to throw the whole thing out the door. And to top it off, God has really been talking to me about how much time I spend with Him. Long story short, I spend way more time on the computer than I do with God. How stupid is that?!? So, here is my short-term solution... my plan of attack:

*No computer until I've done my devotions/pray each day.
*No computer while Claire is awake.
*Computer time priorities:
1. Read/sort e-mail
2. Pay bills/update iBank
3. Catch up on friend's blogs
4. Catch up on misc blogs I like to read
5. Browse Facebook
6. Blog/upload pictures
(insert in things that need done, such as Christmas cards)

I have a feeling that the last few will seldom get done. And I'm telling myself now that it's just fine. Getting my priorities straight is far more important than blogs or Facebook, right? Of course. I think this will also help the "down in the dumps" feeling that has been lingering lately.

On a lighter note... I'm excited for our upcoming ten year anniversary. Loving the Christmas season and our attempts to focus less on gifts and more on charity and the celebration of the birth of our Saviour. Our little skiff of snow this morning and our cozy little fireplace. My beautiful family and loving friends.


Kelly said...

I hope your blogging doesn't completely disappear. Although if it's more of a stress than a fun thing it's not worth it. It just means we'll have to actually talk more. (gasp)

summer said...

GFY (good for you). I agree it's amazing how much time dwindles away and how "it" the computer calls you, draws you in, and sucks up all your precious time. Not to say there isn't good that comes of it. The problem is finding the balance. Good luck w/your new guidlines, I hope they work for you!

Andrea said...

I use my blog as a way of journaling. Writing things down I don't want to forget. A way to remember things the kids have done/said. I don't really get on during the day, the kids really won't let me :) I save it all for naptime. But, knowing that it's my journal, I like to make time for it. I love your rule of "no computer unless devotions have been done". Just yesterday at church, The Lord and I were talking about my time spent with Him. My goal for the new year is going to be to read through/study the complete Bible. I am excited!

Don't feel bad if your blog isn't updated and you don't feel like doing it. There's nothing wrong with that! I still come and check on you a few times a week :D

Kimberly said...

I hear ya! You go to sit down to do one tiny little thing and you end up one the computer forever. I also had to ban the computer while Kylee is awake. It makes a big difference!

Amanda said...

You so right! The computer can be a total time and mind sucker.
All things need limits, I should probably write some out too.

Enjoy the rest of your week!