Monday, June 9, 2008

A Burst of Energy

I have been so lazy lately. I mean seriously lazy. I've been busy, but not with anything that actually needs to be done. Saturday I woke up feeling cruddy and spent the morning on the couch. I managed to shower by noon, but I can't honestly remember exactly how I wasted the rest of the day, but I did. After many sleepless nights and too many sleepy, lazy days I took a Tylenol PM Saturday night. Finally, I good night's rest and then my burst of energy.
*Cleaned out/organized my closet
*Organized my yarn - a huge project that resulted in tidy little containers and a whole trash bag of yarn to donate to Hands of Hope
*A trip to Lowe's to pick up extra organizational stuff
*Picked up every little bit of clutter in the house
*Fixed dinner
*Did all the laundry and put it away
*Cleaned out the den and paid bills
*Rested and watched a movie during Claire's nap

I had another sleepless night, but still managed to continue my burst of energy into Monday
*Got up early and worked out
*Cleaned to whole house ( a good deep clean, no pansy surface cleaning today)
*Tiny nap
*Quick trip to Winco for Polish Sausages and Macaroni salad
*Watered and fertilized all my outdoor plants
*Weeded my garden beds and all the flower beds
*Blogged about it all...

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Andrea said...

Maybe there is something in the air because I'm the same way. Last week was horrible for me ... ZERO motivation and Saturday, yes my big achievement was a shower at about 2PM also!! LOL! But Sunday I decided to map out the week with little goals each day that have needed done for awhile.
Today I changes all the bedding and did laundry (not yet put away). I finished two headbands and packaged up two Knitty Bitties orders. Then we ran to the library, bank, post office, Starbucks and Wal*Mart all within about an hour and a half. Then while E napped I prepped dinner and made rice krispy treats and caught up on blog commenting. Then we had the neighbors over, played ate our treats and then I made chicken & veggie kabobs for dinner with Pioneer Woman's potatoes on the side. Yum! Now I'm headed to bed to get up by 7AM to get in a shower and another good start to the day!

Good luck on keeping up the momentum! Maybe we should reward ourselves with a nap on Thursday or Friday for all this hard work!! ;)